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Semi-Rubber Emulsion

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We offer a wide range of semi-rubber emulsion paints in various colors, including OFF White, White, Ivory, and Gardenia.

Semi-rubber emulsion, also known as semi-gloss rubber emulsion, is a type of paint that is similar to rubber emulsion paint, but with a semi-gloss finish. It is made by blending synthetic rubber particles with water, pigments, and other additives, creating a stable emulsion that can be used as a coating for various surfaces. Semi-rubber emulsion paint is known for its high durability, good adhesion, and resistance to water and chemicals. It also has a semi-gloss finish that provides a subtle shine and is easy to clean. Semi-rubber emulsion paint is commonly used on walls, doors, and other surfaces where a durable, semi-gloss finish is desired. It is suitable for both commercial and residential applications and can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.